Ballet Arts’ Classes for all ages and all experience levels.

Dress Code
Hair must be securely pinned away from the face and neck. Long hair must be put into a bun and short hair confined with a hair band.
All girls must wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes.
Boys wear white ballet shoes, black tights or leggings and a white form-fitting T-shirt.
Leotard colors based upon level are listed below:
 Level                                                Color
 Creative Movement                       Any clothing child can move freely                                                                                                     
 Les Enfants                                     Capezio Camisole Dress           STYLE: N9816C       COLOR: Pink
 Junior Ballet                                    Capezio Wide Strap Leotard    STYLE: TC0053C     COLOR: Lavender                                            
 Intermediate Ballet                       Capezio Wide Strap Leotard    STYLE: TC0053C     COLOR: Cerise
 Senior 1B  Ballet                            Capezio Wide Strap Leotard    STYLE: TC0053C     COLOR: Deep Purple                                      
 Senior 1A & 2 Ballet                      Capezio Wide Strap Leotard    STYLE: TC0053C     COLOR: Aubergine OR a Black leotard
 All Levels Girls                                Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes                                                                                                       
 Boys in All Levels                           White shirts; black tights; white shoes
 Character Ballet                             Black character skirt, black or tan character shoes                                                                          
 Tap                                                   Appropriate Dance Wear and Tap Shoes                                                         
Contemporary                                Appropriate Dance Wear and Jazz Shoes (no sneakers)                                                                  
Modern                                            Appropriate Dance Wear and Barefeet